AIRGuard Wireless Remote Monitoring

AIRGuard wireless remote monitoring and control system is the reliable, cost-effective solution for air compressor monitoring. It connects to most modbus enabled air compressor systems to easily access and diagnose potential issues and failures. The AIRGuard system has the ability to monitor key items that provide peace of mind and increases reliability and efficiency.

  • Air Pressure and Temperature
  • Downstream Flow rate and Dewpoint Monitoring
  • Compressor Warning and Shutdowns
  • Run & Load Hours, Motor Current
  • Detail Alarm & Fault History
  • Up to 256 Alarm and Analog Conditions

If you like, updates will be delivered to you via text and email notifications. We also provide a convenient web-based portal for checking the current data from your air compressor in OmniView. OmniView is available at any time and allows you to check any data point on any of your monitored compressors.

No. Your data transmission on monitored compressors is covered by AIRGuard in the annual Monitoring and Managed Services fee.

No, the age of your air compressor will not prevent remote monitoring. However, the age of your compressor may determine exactly which data points we can retrieve from your compressor with monitoring.

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