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Medical Air Systems

Air Centers of Florida is an authorized dealer for PowerEx Medical Air and Vacuum Systems.

PowerEx introduced the first dry scroll and the first composite piston technologies to the US market.

PowerEx manufactures all of our air ends in ISO9002 registered facilities.

Backed by a service network consisting of over 200 authorized service centers and distributors, PowerEx products have been proven to be reliable and durable time after time.

PowerEx engineers will design a custom package to meet your specific pure air or vacuum requirements.

PowerEx introduced the first dry scroll to the oilless compressor market in 1989. Scrolls completely dry the compression chamber allowing for quiet vibration free operation. Composite piston technology now standard on PowerEx reciprocating compressors increases ring life and reduces temperature, providing reliability for years to come.

PowerEx backs all products with a three year 10,000 hour pump and one year 5,000 hour system warranty. Our advances in compressor technology don’t need to be prorated, they are proven. 

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PowerEx continues its commitment to design and to build compressors and compressor systems that deliver your “pure air” requirements year after year. World class technology has resulted from the combined engineering and production efforts of the two largest compressor manufacturers in the world, creating a new breed of oilless and lubricated compressors, both affordable and reliable. 

For those critical applications where clean dry compressed air is not just a luxury but a necessity, the PowerEx pure air compressors have proven to be reliable and durable in a variety of applications, such as hospitals, dental offices, universities, schools, and laboratories.