Desoutter Assembly Tools

Desoutter is your single source of electric and pneumatic tool solutions, covering a wide range of assembly and manufacturing processes in the motor vehicle, aerospace, general industry and light assembly sectors.

Desoutter has a long history of producing high-quality industrial tools. Today, the scope of the activity combines a global offering with a widespread local presence.

The reason behind this approach is simple : our customers, who include many of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers, want worldwide access to a global portfolio of assembly and manufacturing solutions. Desoutter can provide you more than productivity.

Good ergonomics makes good economic sense. Not only are Desoutter tools designed to reduce operator stress factors, such as vibration and noise, they also take into account the relationship between the operator, the tool and the process. Desoutter tools help you to obtain long-term gains in productivity and safety, while improving cost, quality and cycle times.

Producing high-quality products requires high-quality processes. That is why many of the world’s major motor vehicle, aerospace and appliance manufacturers rely on Desoutter. Each Desoutter solution is tailored to your exact needs. Our experts propose solutions that deliver a quantifiable return on investment, whether in terms of productivity improvements, quality gains or safety improvements.

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