Diesel Air Compressor Rentals

When you need emergency compressed air for your facility, but do not have easy access to an electrical supply for our fleet of electric air compressors, then we can provide you with a diesel engine powered portable air compressor. Air Centers of Florida has available any size diesel compressor from 185cfm to 1600cfm, along with air hoses to connect into your compressed air system. With diesel compressors available at all of our Florida locations, we can get your compressed air system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our market leading product line of rental portable air compressors are proudly built in the USA. Our equipment is built to last with corrosion resistant galvanneal steel enclosures and a durable, baked-on powder coat finish, ensuring our machines will perform in the harshest conditions and applications.

The HOC dryer is equipped with a microprocessor-based control system that maintains performance and monitors the health of the unit, so downtime is minimized. H and HC series dryers can be installed with multiple compressors, allowing maximum flexibility without sacrificing the integrity of the compressed air system.

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