Drain Valves

The Ingersoll Rand Electronic Drain Valve (EDV) is a full-feature automatic electronic solenoid drain valve that cost-effectively removes condensate from compressors, receivers, dryers, aftercoolers, filters and drip legs. Each EDV includes an electric drain, manual blowdown valve, and a strainer/ball valve, which prevents debris from clogging the drain valve.

Condensate follows a serpentine path through a small orifice that is actuated by an electric timer. The length of time the drain is open and the frequency at which it opens can be adjusted manually by easy to operate dials. Depending on humidity and duty cycle, requirements for condensate discharge can be set and changed over time.

Offered in a variety of outlet pipe and orifice sizes, this compact and reliable drain valve can meet system demands easily. Ultra bright LED lights alert the user when the power is on and the valve is open.

The Pneumatic No-Loss Drains (PNLD) offers a single solution that easily removes condensate with high levels of rust and oil, while eliminating air loss, even at elevated pressure. 

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Ingersoll Rand’s newly-enhanced Electronic No-Loss Drains are heavy-duty industrial drains that remove condensate without wasting compressed air. The ENLs can be attached to a variety of air compressors and accessories. The light weight design makes them easy to install in applications that have minimum available space. With a wide range of valves available, our ENL offerings can accommodate systems from 100-50,000 cfm. The ENLs can also accommodate high pressure systems up to 914 psi and are available in both 114 V and 230 V.