Reciprocating Compressors

Type 30 Compressors Designed for Efficiency and Reliability

Ingersoll Rand has designed reciprocating single stage air compressors and two stage air compressors to last a lifetime – thanks to quick, easy maintenance with renewable components. Easy access to the pump components allows for routine maintenance and replacements of parts like the individually cast cylinders, piston wear-sleeves and the 15,000-hour bearings. Easy component replacement lets you amortize your initial capital cost over a much longer equipment life span for a superior payback in your investment. 

A reciprocating screw air compressor works by a piston within a cylinder increasing the pressure of the air by reducing its volume. There are two options: single stage and two stage compressors. These compressors provide excellent service in all types of industry for small compressed air applications.

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Recent Ingersoll-Rand enhancements in cooling design allow our two-stage compressors to operate at a 100 percent duty cycle.

No other reciprocating compressor matches these Ingersoll-Rand machines in efficiency, component strength, quality construction, reliability, low maintenance and service support.